Simple and Sophisticated was established 22 years ago in a small town in the state of Sao Paulo with 15,000 inhabitants in the heart of Brazil, where people walk around or ride their bikes, where is very normal to see someone riding his/her horse among the cars. “There is a lot of learning with this life style, and my inspiration comes from my experiences” (Ricardo Rodrigues – designer and’s CEO). There is so much pleasure in being around  people who live in simple way and are extremely happy with the little miracles every day.


When Ricardo Rodrigues created the NDT.Design, he was thinking in the best way of providing that type of feeling with his work.

NDT.Design is currently located in the USA, in Florida, where sell his products on e-commerces, to stores and in his own website

To show the products in design exhibitions such as Maison&Objet, ICFF, and also Brazilian Designers exhibit in Rome, Italy is very important, “all those participations bring us the certainty that we are in right way” (Ricardo Rodrigues).

The Studio has unique and original lines of products developed by Ricardo Rodrigues, the designer and owner of the studio. His part of the work is bringing a dash of European modernism and an influence of the American’s minimalism to each piece. The style is synonymous of simplicity with a colorful approach to home living. The products are developed in aluminum with details in leather and wood 100% renewable resource.


Even though people become more sophisticated each day, there is still a need for authentic and human experiences, and we believe this involves greats moments as parties, dinners or a simple cake baked by grandmother. “So, yes I think that my products reflect a possible reaction to current trends” (Ricardo Rodrigues). / Carla Feltrin / Photography: Studio Marcelo Ringo | Luiz Moretti | Zammarian




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