Who I Am

Who I am - Carla Feltrin
In 2016 my family and I had moved to the USA pursuing a different lifestyle. I'm Carla Feltrin, a 44 years old Brazilian from a countryside city in São Paulo state. 
When I was a child, I loved being around my grandma, a strong Italian-immigrant woman, mother of six, grandma of fourteen. She used to, every Sunday, invite the whole family to her home to spend a day together. While each adult had a task in the kitchen or the backyard, the children were allowed to be just children. 
After the years, those Sundays have had each time, fewer and fewer children once they were grown up. My sisters and I were the youngest between them, so we could spend precious time with grandma in the kitchen, watching and learning her cooking secrets.
My father also inherited a passion for cooking from his mom, and I believe I have in my DNA the same gene. However, cooking, for me, was not always so simple. I did cook but, only when it was necessary, although ever with a superb taste. 
In Brazil, I graduated in Biological Science; my passion for animals, Ecology, and searching lead me to that. It was when I moved to the USA that I sensed that things can always change for good, and then, it happened! I still have in my heart a corner for Science but, here and now, I understood the magic of cooking is above it. I've been so happy since then that start to write my recipes and share with you all seems just the right thing to do. 
It said I want to invite you to be part of this newborn cooking community. As we cook together, I'll be happy to hear back from you with questions, critiques, suggestions, and requests. I'll do my best to replay every comment and email, but sometimes life gets too busy. If the questions are urgent, please, follow up.
Also, I'll love to hear from those who made any recipe; if you post photos, don't forget to use the hashtag #ndtdesignatkitchen.
Are you ready? Then, let's cook!