Brazilian Carrot Cake

My sweetest memory from childhood is smelling the Carrot Cake my mom used to bake on weekends. The Brazilian version, coming out the oven, chocolate frost melting on top of it. My mouth is just watering right now!  For the topping, I like more a Ganache Frosting, but my mom used to top it with Brigadeiro (Brazilian recipe). It worth a try! 

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It's so nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Carla Feltrin! One of the things I love doing with my husband is gathering around the kitchen to cook, talk, eat, and drink, sometimes just us, sometimes with friends. My passion for cooking brought me here to share my food experiences! Here you will find a combination of easy food and drink recipes. Enjoy it!

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Carla Feltrin - It's nice to meet you!
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